“At Cyara Jewelry we believe in the fact all women deserve to be a queen.”

Whether it's an impulse-buy to make you smile, something to remind someone special or something truly changes your heartbeat we're here for you, to celebrate a magical moment, we do much more than selling jewelry. We support you create unforgettable memories with excitement designed jewellery, straight from our heart.

Cyara Story

Back at a youthful age, the girl with a passion for jewelry and big ambition set out to change her path and started to design her own jewelry for herself and her loved ones.

When the years are developed and her passion goes further she found a way to establish the Cyara Jewelry.

Because Cyara believes in the fact all women, deserve being a Queen.

And queens need gorgeous jewellery.

The magnificent pair of earrings, or a mind blow necklace and ring with your favourite semi-precious gemstone in silver, timeless and chic.
Cyara jewellery for all women who enjoy who they are. 

We would like achieving that every woman is satisfied to wear the Cyara Jewelry.

We carefully select the finest quality independently assessed and hallmarked as required - and all our gemstones are hand-selected for brilliance and sparkle.


We build long-term relationships with some of the most skilled craftsmen and crafting facilities the world over, passing on savings to our customers.


We combine century-old and the modern design techniques and our style choices are always in-tune with the most recent trends and timeless classics.

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